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html5 working draft published!

Since 1999, there is no new features in HTML language. The language is really poor and have not evolved with the needs of user. To fix that, we can use javascript to manipulate the DOM but it is take a … Continue reading

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open ID

I have ever talked about open ID. To sum up, Open ID is an open, decentralized, free framework for user-centric digital identity. For non geek people, You have only one password to remember which will authenticate you everywhere on web. … Continue reading

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une nouvelle map qui semble plutot bien pour représenté le web d’aujourd’hui!

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mashup of desktop and browser

Pyro is a new desktop environment for linux which merge the web and desktop computing. So, it is a kind of mashup of desktop and browser. It is a great idea. A lot of people think to revolutionnize desktop whereas … Continue reading

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peer 2 peer

Peer to peer is not only Emule and people who get free mp3/divix/Software… Peer to peer is a beautiful idea to avoid the download to a single source. When you have a single source for download and lot of leecher … Continue reading

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Blog comments

I see a post on Fred blog about comment on blog and I want to add something on that. Blog comments is a bit like a forum with post just order by date. First, why class it by time order … Continue reading

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