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html5 working draft published!

Since 1999, there is no new features in HTML language. The language is really poor and have not evolved with the needs of user. To fix that, we can use javascript to manipulate the DOM but it is take a … Continue reading

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open ID

I have ever talked about open ID. To sum up, Open ID is an open, decentralized, free framework for user-centric digital identity. For non geek people, You have only one password to remember which will authenticate you everywhere on web. … Continue reading

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image resizing

Seam Carving is a new algorithm to resize an image by ading or removing some layer in the image. This algorithme is so powerfull that you can make someone disapear from a photo!! Here is another image algorithme from microsoft … Continue reading

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Compiz released!!

Compiz have a lot of activity during summer !! A new release is just out. The 0.5.4 is very important because it is thefirst release with the merge of fork of compize (Beril, compize.Extra) and compize. Now we have a … Continue reading

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vista le nouveau MEuhh?

Et oui ME comme millenium qui a été un flop pour Microsoft. Beaucoup critique vista en ne disant que ce n’est pas la révolution tant attendu et que c’est essentiellement l’évolution graphique (meme si ca reste très proche d’XP). Bref, … Continue reading

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refresh silverlight

A small refresh of the previous release have been done and contains a lot of bugfix in the engine! It is just a refresh. So do not hope to have a real release but you will found a lot of … Continue reading

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SVG vs Moonlight

We have a lot of demo for silverlight which can be used for moonlight. And Vladimir have done a demo to show that SVG can done the same thing and is fully open source. Even if MS is behing SilverLight … Continue reading

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