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Mono Hackfest & fosdem

Last week, I enjoy to meet few mono guy during the mono┬áhack fest. That was pretty cool. We have worked on a lot of new stuffs. So here is a quick summary of the mono┬áhack fest: 1) Create a cover … Continue reading

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monotorrent api is great !

Monotorrent is really great thanks to the beautiful work of Alan. I have read the code and it is really easy to understand. Thanks to this beautiful Api it was very easy to add a lot of features to the … Continue reading

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html5 working draft published!

Since 1999, there is no new features in HTML language. The language is really poor and have not evolved with the needs of user. To fix that, we can use javascript to manipulate the DOM but it is take a … Continue reading

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ironruby under mono

Today, I have made a patch to fix the rakefile of Microsoft team of IronRuby. This patch allow ironruby to be compiled with mono with the basic rakefile. You just have to use mono flag : “rake compile mono=1”. You … Continue reading

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help for suse

I have found a beautiful blog which talk about Suse Linux in French. It explain all basic and is great for newbies. Thanks to this great blog, I have found a second great site named which can generate a … Continue reading

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innovate !!

Who innovate today in desktop experience? This is a complex question… Google is the first who come in my mind. A lot of engineer have left Microsoft to Google. Google have make a lot of new things as Google hearth, … Continue reading

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Compiz Fusion video

Compositing have bring a lot of thing in desktop experience. Beryl which is a fork of Compiz have now fusion with Compiz Extra for plugin package part and have bring some features in compize core. To sum up, compiz is … Continue reading

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