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New blog launched

Hello I have set up a new blog in french for growth hacking and maketing. I talked about marketing and hacking and how it can leverage growth of startups and big companies. Here is the new blog address: Bonjour, … Continue reading

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Mono Hackfest & fosdem

Last week, I enjoy to meet few mono guy during the mono hack fest. That was pretty cool. We have worked on a lot of new stuffs. So here is a quick summary of the mono hack fest: 1) Create a cover … Continue reading

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xaml designer for monodevelop

Long time, I have not blog… So I will pop up some news! First, I have worked on monoTorrent to fix some bug on DHT, clean code, support for nodes segment in torrent file and use it. This last part … Continue reading

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udp tracker and distributed search

WOW, long time I have not blog about my life…. (2 years) But today, I want to talk because a lot of great things append: First, I have complete this week the udp tracker code for monotorrent library.  The goal … Continue reading

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monotorrent api is great !

Monotorrent is really great thanks to the beautiful work of Alan. I have read the code and it is really easy to understand. Thanks to this beautiful Api it was very easy to add a lot of features to the … Continue reading

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ironruby under mono

Today, I have made a patch to fix the rakefile of Microsoft team of IronRuby. This patch allow ironruby to be compiled with mono with the basic rakefile. You just have to use mono flag : “rake compile mono=1”. You … Continue reading

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Great tool

I will talk about a great tool which is not a lot used by developer. This tool is not recent but it is not a lot used. So I will try to make people used it! A lot of developer … Continue reading

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