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Mono Hackfest & fosdem

Last week, I enjoy to meet few mono guy during the mono hack fest. That was pretty cool. We have worked on a lot of new stuffs. So here is a quick summary of the mono hack fest: 1) Create a cover … Continue reading

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Pinta cool things

As usual it is a very long time that I do not blog some things. So, I have let a little bit MonoTorrent library to help on pinta which is a drawing tool witch try to be as user friendly … Continue reading

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xaml designer for monodevelop

Long time, I have not blog… So I will pop up some news! First, I have worked on monoTorrent to fix some bug on DHT, clean code, support for nodes segment in torrent file and use it. This last part … Continue reading

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theora decoder

Since MonoTorrent is quite features complete. I look for new challenge😉 So I have start to work on dirac but I skip it quickly because we have first to work on a more flexible system in for media stream source … Continue reading

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udp tracker and distributed search

WOW, long time I have not blog about my life…. (2 years) But today, I want to talk because a lot of great things append: First, I have complete this week the udp tracker code for monotorrent library.  The goal … Continue reading

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monotorrent api is great !

Monotorrent is really great thanks to the beautiful work of Alan. I have read the code and it is really easy to understand. Thanks to this beautiful Api it was very easy to add a lot of features to the … Continue reading

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A managed OS

We have ever heard about singularity the Microsoft project to make an OS in managed language. Most is done in managed mode but some part are done in asm. And now, we have 2 projects in open source which try … Continue reading

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