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Mono Hackfest & fosdem


Last week, I enjoy to meet few mono guy during the mono hack fest. That was pretty cool.

We have worked on a lot of new stuffs. So here is a quick summary of the mono hack fest:

1) Create a cover view for movies/Tv-shows for banshee. The current extension allow you to regroup all your tv-show under the same dvd cover. Cover and info is takken from few webservice (theMovieDb, theTvDb). And you can see more information for the video on the context panel (actors, guest star, homepage url, trailer url, studios, summary, …)

So now I have 2 patchs waiting for approval on banshee (dvd support and this new video view)

I have worked on the Alan’s GObject introspection for mono to improve GTK bindings. Code is here.

To sum up, we parse the new GIR files (xml) to produce the gapi one we used to generate binding.  So we will have easily the GTK 3 bindings with that.

Else you can have more details about the week here for day 1 and here for day 2 and 3

It was really a pleasure to meet other people around (Alan, Jeremy, Tim, Rodrigo, David, Ruben and Bertrand).

Another beautiful hack is the one done by Tim. He has worked to remove old C code (effect) from f-spot and replacing it by Pinta effect.  It is really a great idea because it will simplify f-spot build and allow a common work for effect in Pinta/f-spot.