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Pinta cool things


As usual it is a very long time that I do not blog some things.

So, I have let a little bit MonoTorrent library to help on pinta which is a drawing tool witch try to be as user friendly as Paint.net. It is a really cool project and very interessting to learned cairo and drawing things.

I have start with easier thigns as zoom tool and pan tool even if my pan tool was not takken in main git.

I have code a lot of things on 0.3 release:

few tools as text tool, gradient, magic wand and few effects. Effects are just translated from last open source Paint.net release.

Some part of this tool is taken from Paint.net. Some tools are convert from PDN code and some others are build from scratch. But even convert code of PDN take a lot of time…

Cairo is a pretty cool lib but a lot of things is missing to build a real drawing tool.  For example, you have only linear and radial gradient (no conical gradient). You can not combine selection (union, minus, xor). And sometime performance is very bad with Cairo. so we take some code from Paint.net to improve global performance and get Cairo missing features.

Effect and Pixel grid is basicly just a translation from Paint.Net code.

So I want to thank very much the Paint.net team to have let the code open source even if now it is closed for some other reason…

Anyway, it is not just translate code from Paint.net and we have made lot of things with GTK/Cairo as point picker, angle chooser, … and converting code from paint.net change so much the code that some time it is hard to see the original code.

The last thing, I have work on is the multi document support. There are still some bugs. For example, I have just found one: I forget to resize the image size between document switching.

For moment, it only switch history and layer.

The design is quite the same than Paint.net but nothing come from PDN for this part.

To support multi document in Pinta, I create a new control that show thumnails of open images. You can click to select the current one. You have two arrow on side to navigate between thumnails when you have open too much images that you have not enough space to display all images… When you select an thumbnail, it switch the layer and history panel.

So here are screen shots. You see the multi document control on upper right part.

0.4 release will touch core part to be more flexible:

addin system, i18n, translation system and of course multi document support ;). I think we will have more image supported too.

Addins will made the project easier to imroove by providing addon before including new tool/effect in core part.

I guess all effect, tools and image loader/saver will be in addins.

Some thread have ever start to ask for new features as healing tool,…

We can imagine a lot of other addins : image format converter, automatic image merger, image rotation, image corner transfert, ….

The project is moving so fast. So, feel free to take the last git version and build beautiful tool/effect…