theora decoder

Since MonoTorrent is quite features complete. I look for new challenge 😉

So I have start to work on dirac but I skip it quickly because we have first to work on a more flexible system in for media stream source in moonlight.

I have start to code something where I get out of ogg media stream source the vorbis code and try to make ogg accept other codec as dirac or theora.

I come to conclusion that before done glue I need to have more codec to see all the needs of differents codecs. So I start to code a theora decoder from specification of xiph.

If you want to help, I code on my own branch here:

Anyway, it is just a start so do not expect to read a single video, it need a lot of work to achieve it!

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3 Responses to theora decoder

  1. Ben says:

    What is the progress on this project?

    Theora for .NET would be extremely useful, because of Silverlight.

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