user friendly installer

Since I have switch to linux, I have found a lot of things very useful and really better than windows on linux.

The only thing which stuck me everytime is looking for package, find it, and install it.

The idea of a centric application sharing server is great but why show to final user all library when he only search front a front end for example.

The search & install system is really slow because it will looking for package in all repository.

For example, I have looked a video viewer (Video lan ) and I have found all package about video ( gstream lib, …) whereas I only search a front end.

For me, yast must have a basic and an advance mode.

The basic mode will show you only front end with name,description and a small screenshot. Best is too show it by category and allow user to filter with a textbox. And when you install Yast select all needed missing dependencies.

And if you are looking for a library, you will have to switch to advanced mode where you have a lot of more technical information.

This system will be far user friendly than search in thousand answer to video player…

EDIT: gnome-app-install seems to answer to my need. But it is on ubuntu (apt) whereas I am on opensuse (rpm). I will search if there is a solution for suse else I will try ubuntu. I know that suse is better for configuration with yast but ubuntu   is far better for package management.

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5 Responses to user friendly installer

  1. Sandy says:

    Ubuntu’s got something like that, called gnome-app-install. You can see some old info on it here:

    I hope PackageKit will provide something similar so all distros can benefit.

  2. virtualblackfox says:

    agreed, it could be a simple yet efficient solution to this problem to show only meta-packages of desktop applications (Anyway most user just want that) packaged with their most common plugins if needed (Because most users don’t even want to know what a plugin is).

  3. fluffysheep says:

    I think you have described the ubuntu package manager quite well 🙂 It even indicates which software is more popular than other, making the search even easier.

    I guess it’s a matter of which linux distribution you use; they all have their own software to manage packages. When I started to use linux, all the obscure package names scared the hell out of me too.
    Work is underway to create a distribution agnostic one, named PackageKit. Hopefully it will solve these problems for all linux distributions…

  4. Markus says:

    That is the exact way Ubuntu has done it for a while 🙂

  5. duff says:

    I ma on opensuse…
    I will search if there is a solution for opensuse else I will try to switch to ubuntu when it will be out.

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