.NET advantage released!

For all people using .NET in your job, the basic controls/components of .NET are not enough sometimes and you have to develop components. you have a lot of .NET package on the .NET to help you.

With all this stuff, you extends the basic toolset with a lot of things and have not to reinvent the weel.

On of the most known package is NetAdvantage which contain a lot of controls, components, tools for ASP.NET and windows forms.

This new release bring new features:

  • Vista look-and-feel without WPF needs
  • Export PDF, XPS and Excel
  • Improve Visual Studio help integration
  • Improve AJAX support for WYSIWYG


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6 Responses to .NET advantage released!

  1. daedius says:

    What is this, some type of spam blog, now? Infragistics doesn’t even support mono as far as I know.

  2. duff says:

    My blog talk about .NET and Mono. I am not limited to Mono. It is important to keep an eye on what is going outside (java too, for example)

  3. Ramsees says:

    Have you tried DXPerience from DevEpress?

    I tried NetAdvantage and is good especially UltraGrid, the only downsite is the lack of a reporter, that’s why I turned to DXPerience.

    ComponentOne ain’t that bad eather.

  4. nstlgc says:

    You might want to post these kind of infomercials in a place that is not mirrored on the Mono blogroll. Also, the fact that you’re pimping utter crap like Infragistics does hurt your credibility as a serious developer.

  5. duff says:

    My blog talked about .NET, mono and new technology and all things that I found interesting.
    I do not understand why you are so exausted about that.
    Miguel have talked about camera and many other things not linked to mono.
    I am a windows dev at start and I have used Nhibernate, nant, ncover, … and I have used many component from different firm in my job.
    I see no reason to not talked about this.
    I am not stuck to mono and even if I love mono we can open eyes and see what is going outwhere. I have no money in NetAdvantage and I have just see a news about this release and this is one of the most used package.
    I have done many article about ruby for example. I know that this time there is a firm and money behind but I do not care. Mono is sponsored by novell, java by sun, .NET by MS, Nhibernate by jobss….

    To end up, your silly attack about my coding skill and the fact I have used in my job this package is not relevent. Acording to you, we must never used any package and reinvent the weel each time we face to the same issue.
    Acording to me, this is the power of package and framework to not have to reinvent the weel each time.
    I do not said that this package is the best package ever done but it can be useful in some way.
    There is a lot of other package that I can talked about but I see no reason to not published it just because my blog is on monolog whereas other dev talked about many other things which can be far from mono.

  6. Idetrorce says:

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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