hello from linux !!

I have switch to Linux.

All I see is incredible far from what I have seen on Linux few years ago.

I run an OpenSuse 10.3 and all my bad point on Linux have disappear :

  • The starting time have now reduce to about 30 seconds thanks to the SUPER project
  • The delay and freeze that you have with yast have disappear… No need of smart!
  • The installation system in general have been really improve. A single click is just what you need to install nvidia non oss driver!

There is a lot of other things which is really user friendly. Like the small textbox which appear when you are in a folder and hit some key to find a file. You will not just search with first letter but with you can hit more than one letter to find what you search. Yast is a lot easier and faster than previous version. You have search engine everywhere to find what you search quicker.

this is my desktop πŸ˜‰


start menu:
start menu opensuse

control center:
control center open suse
With only a small time I can only conclude that MS Windows is far from what we have now on Linux. It is amazing! Few years ago, we have a system where you have to use console every-time you want to do something and here you have a real desktop with 3D effect!

fish in the cube πŸ˜‰
fish cube

cool animation when you close a window:
cool animation when close window

The first thing I do is get my rsa key from my windows partition and get svn/compile Mono πŸ˜‰ It is faster than cygwin and easier πŸ˜‰

Rem: all screenshot come from opensuse site because I have not found how done screenshots ^^ (will try with print screen tonight). But I install compiz fusion and I have the same effect πŸ˜‰

Rem2: the only issue for moment is that I have no sound on flash player ( I have no sound for all at start but it is just because I have 2 sound card and I select the good one in admin panel)

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2 Responses to hello from linux !!

  1. Ivan says:

    yeah, the new opensuse ist the best distri ever!
    I can’t understand, how most people go with ubuntu 😦

  2. Vat says:

    openSUSE 10.3 sofar has been thoughly enjoyable,
    I’m happy to say πŸ™‚

    If Ubuntu did not have such a noob-distro reputation, I’d claim that it’s popular because it benefits from the vast library of seamlessly installable libraries and apps that Debian has.

    …smart repos go only so far…

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