wiki and code

The core ideas of wiki are:

  • Every readers are authors
  • Keep language easy ( easier than html)
  • When you write a text you can flag all keyword to make it expandable for future.

The first is the concept is not far from open source : every user can read and modify source.

The second concept is to have the language which have the better ratio feature/lines of code. This is a key concept for all language. All modern language try to increase this ratio.

The third one is idea can be compared to the autogeneration of stubbed functions in VS2005.

It is funny to see that wiki key concept can be compare to the coding world.

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2 Responses to wiki and code

  1. Seth says:

    Autogeneration of stubbed functionS in VS2005… yawn.

    Someone must have been in a hurry to post this. And did not exactly try to increase the ratio of meaning vs. error in a short article…

  2. duff says:

    I am not english, so, I try to do my best.
    I have fix the sentence

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