busy life

So sorry to not post since 1 week but I had a lot of work.

First, I will leave soon pepsico France for SAGE.

job change

The issue is that, I am the only one in IT team who know business part of supply chain and technique part of it. So, I have to transfer a lot of knowledge to other member of team and I have to finished my year objective before leaving.

So much thing to do… But I want to leave PepsiCo with a clean place.

  • I have made some technical documentations about all part of the supply chain applications.
  • I have made formation to other team member for all my application (Cost of goods, logistic gateway, claim system, palette system, data-warehouse logistic, client chase payment,…)
  • I have get back 25K€ from one bill of our palette suppliers.
  • I have improve end month process of Cost of goods application.

About the last point, I have done so much things. Before the end month process take 1H30 to import all data and calculate and now it take only 2min20. I have improve the logging system to have good reports to debug it and simplified the process. I have reformat all code to use standard naming rules. I have remove all extra call in our ERP to call data which is ever import in other part of data-warehouse. The other big point is that the human interface is just a page where you see a small image animation witch said process go on. And now we have a page with auto refresh and a table which show the state of the process to user. So now it is not a black box for users!!

So, now, I can say that this process is clean, standard, quick, user friendly and well logged.

This application is well known as the pain in the ass. 5 different people (including 3 trainees) have worked on it and it have finished to a bad designed application with a lot of issue and really bad performance. The core of the system is a end month process which calculate and reports errors to solve to close the period. The main user of the application is really happy for it.
I am really happy about all this work done in a real short time.

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