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ubuntu 7.10 released!

This is not official but will be in few hours now official… Ubuntu released the 7.10. My wife want to test linux. So I will install ubuntu on her PC to compare my suse with ubuntu 😉 Advertisements

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user friendly installer

Since I have switch to linux, I have found a lot of things very useful and really better than windows on linux. The only thing which stuck me everytime is looking for package, find it, and install it. The idea … Continue reading

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ironruby under mono

Today, I have made a patch to fix the rakefile of Microsoft team of IronRuby. This patch allow ironruby to be compiled with mono with the basic rakefile. You just have to use mono flag : “rake compile mono=1”. You … Continue reading

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.NET advantage released!

For all people using .NET in your job, the basic controls/components of .NET are not enough sometimes and you have to develop components. you have a lot of .NET package on the .NET to help you. With all this stuff, … Continue reading

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help for suse

I have found a beautiful blog which talk about Suse Linux in French. It explain all basic and is great for newbies. Thanks to this great blog, I have found a second great site named which can generate a … Continue reading

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hello from linux !!

I have switch to Linux. All I see is incredible far from what I have seen on Linux few years ago. I run an OpenSuse 10.3 and all my bad point on Linux have disappear : The starting time have … Continue reading

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wiki and code

The core ideas of wiki are: Every readers are authors Keep language easy ( easier than html) When you write a text you can flag all keyword to make it expandable for future. The first is the concept is not … Continue reading

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