open ID

I have ever talked about open ID.

To sum up, Open ID is an open, decentralized, free framework for user-centric digital identity.

For non geek people, You have only one password to remember which will authenticate you everywhere on web.

Else you can see this beautiful video or the one of 2006

This is very powerful to solve the identity theft. The main issue is that it must be used everywhere to be sure that it will become a standard.

You can get an openId here.

Major actors of web do not use it because they wait the new framework OpenId 2.0. The specs of this new framework are near finished and will be released soon.

So, we will see after the specs released what will be done by all main web actors. But we ever seen some sign that show that will be a success.

AOL have ever go ahead and used it today for 63 million users.

I am really proud of Orange (France telecom) who have invest in this new technology. You will have 40 millions of orange consumers who will used it.

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