Compiz Fusion video

Compositing have bring a lot of thing in desktop experience.

Beryl which is a fork of Compiz have now fusion with Compiz Extra for plugin package part and have bring some features in compize core. To sum up, compiz is core with just few stable plugin and Compiz Fusion is a package of plugin which can be unstable on some plugin but which bring a lot of features to desktop.

Some video to show you progress of Compiz fusion and Compiz:

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6 Responses to Compiz Fusion video

  1. jepensedoncjeblogue says:

    Wow, awesome !

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  3. olivier says:

    Nice movie! I can’t wait to install compiz-fusion!

    Please,tell me which song you play in the first video?

  4. duff says:

    this is not my video.
    This is just great video on youtube on the last features of compize!!
    The song is “Ya Ya from Miller Steve”

  5. Seth says:

    Ad. 3d video:

    Agreed that ‘rotating cube’ looks less interesting, but much in a way that a lot of art looks ‘just….. erm…. interesting’. I cannot see the point of having flying windows. Looks like it will just cost you more time moving them around and controlling them. I like the rotating cube because it is *actually* brings a lot of productivity (imho it’s the first intuitive use of virtual desktops at all).


  6. duff says:

    Agree that most of effect are time consuming but if we search only for useful and not for visual effect we were still on midnight commander!!
    You can stop any effect you do not want with the compiz setting pannel.

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