Gnome 2.20 is out!

Gnome have just released the new version 2.20.

You can found here the full release note.

Else here is a quick summary:

Evolution (mail client)

  • Auto detect missing attachments
  • Mail received notification
  • Backup & Restore system
  • Magic space bar (by pressing space bar you can see all your mailbox)
  • Calendar/Events improvements

Epiphany (browser)

  • in-line completion improvements


  • Eye of Gnome is faster and more stable
  • Eye of Gnome have easier access to basic information and metadata
  • Eye of Gnome transfer image to other image application
  • Video & Audio codec installation work-flow

Back office

  • Support for interactive PDF forms
  • Note synchronization
  • Syntax highlighting in text editor improve
  • File management
  • Improve user friendly/accessibility
  • Switch between account in password management
  • Better support for right to left language

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3 Responses to Gnome 2.20 is out!

  1. Sandriman says:

    That’s good news. By the way, what distro are you personally using, or is the screenshot from your desktop at all?

  2. duff says:

    For moment, I have windows and use virtual machine with suse 10.2. But I will switch when I found time to linux with virtual machine of win98.

  3. duff says:

    the screenshot come from the release note 😉

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