.NET framework 1.1 2.0 3.0 3.5 2.1…

A lot of people get crazy with all this version. So, I will try to sum up what is difference between all this releases!

.NET framework 1.1 :

It is the basic framework, so, I will not take the time to explain what is inside because I have ever talk enough about it…

.NET framework 2.0:

It is bring a lot of evolution in class of the framework and refactor some control.
The other big evolution here is on language with support of :

  • generics
  • anonymous methods
  • partial class
  • nullable type

.NET framework 3.0:

This framework is the key for developing application under Vista.
It is just a set of assembly which use XML to map:

  • Communication (WCF)
  • View (WPF)
  • Workflow (WWF)
  • Digital identity (CardSpace)

The framework is still the .NET framework2.0 behind it.
For a lot of developer this is not a real framework.

.NET framework 3.5:

It implement Linq evolution in language. So we have the folowing evolution in class:

  • Linq for SQL, XML, Dataset, Object
  • Addin system
  • p2p base class
  • Active directory
  • ASP.NET Ajax

.NET framework 2.1:

The last baby is the 2.1 because it is a subset of 2.0 framework with some little additionnal features.
This framework bring nothing and is just make to be smallest for Silverlight.

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4 Responses to .NET framework 1.1 2.0 3.0 3.5 2.1…

  1. I think you should talk about the “Virtual Machine”, the “Class library” and the “Language features” or “C# features” as independent items.

    For example, for .NET 2.0, we have:

    – Virtual Machine: Support for generics
    – Class Library: Generic classes (including Nullable )
    – C# Features: Generics, partial classes, nullable types, anonymous methods etc

    Features like partial classes or anonymous methods can be implemented for 1.1 (they are available with mcs, which targets 1.1).

  2. zac says:

    spelling and grammer 🙂

    “which” rather then “witch”

  3. duff says:

    @Juan: I have regroup the VM and the C# features. I know that we can cut as you said because VM support other language but most of people use C#. So I regroup the language part and the VM.

    @Zac: I am a wizard ^^

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