JavaScript compiler go ahead…

Today, I have fixed thanks to my new unit tests 3 major bugs in the compiler.

I guess now that my tokenizer (lexer) is bug free (else than regular expression which is not finished)

I have done a small sample test but I have still issue because RowanGenerator is far from finished.

I have discover that regexp is not finished too.

In fact to sum up we have :

  • Engine and RowanGenerator class to finished
  • Strings, parser for expression, Engine, RowanGenerator, IdentifierTable ot unit test
  • And a console compiler to test all 😉

With the recent anouncement of Miguel, I will maybe have MS unit test to test my code (so exiting!)


here is a screenshot myconsole compiler. As you can se, I am not ready for released ;(

But it is funny to check it for first time. I am pretty sure that rowan generator is in big part responssible for that.

Mono jscript compiler

For life side, I leave officialy Pepsico France.

I will be free the 26th october. I will join SAGE which is a software editor. It is a real step in my life. I want to be in firm where software is the core of business, where I will have chance to improove myself and climb step by step the hierarchical structure ;).


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