linux marketshare

I have found a beautiful survey which show the market-share of Linux distro and Linux main tool ( windowing environment, browser, email client,…)

All this analyse is done by collecting vote in community so it is not a real market share but it can show you a good view thanks to the number of vote.

So first, we can see that Ubuntu is the first one (no surprises) but we see that SUSE have taken the major step forward (compare with 2006 survey).

The third place is Debian which is imo good for server but really bad for desktop. But it is only my opinion.

For windowing environment, we see that KDE and GNOME take quite all the market share ( no surprise too).

And Gnome take the lead over KDE. It seems OK because Unbuntu (and debian families) is really big and SUZE (out of Europe) is by default on Gnome. You can see all distribution with Gnome as default desktop here.

For browser, it is quite simple šŸ˜‰

Firefox have take all and let dust to other. Mozilla have really done a great job and have change the flat world of browser with Firefox.

Linux have really done a big step forward big get it more user friendly.

A lot for firm use it as server for long time but now with all good job done by Ubuntu, Suse,… team we have a easy OS that can be used by any person and not just engineer and IT people.

After user friendly effort, we have the virtualisation which provide a real windows emulation (not as wine).

I am more and more thinking to take the time to install a Suse on my pc to replace my old windows because I do not want Vista cause of the 1Go of ram taken by it at start. I have a VM player with a Suse under Windows, I will switch to Suse desktop with Qemu or vmplayer for windows šŸ˜‰

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