mono winforms

As many knows, it is the last part of mono which need to be implement to have a full support of the MS framework .NET 2.0.

If you read the class status page of Mono, you will see that we are near 98% of complete.


In fact, all MWF of .NET 1.0 take a big place in it.

What is really missing are:

  • HTML element and friends
  • WebBrowser and friends
  • some little other class but not as useful/hard to make as previous one

And what I read today is that a new component named Mono.Mozilla provide a wrapper arround mozilla unmanaged class.

So now we have the webBrowser in MWF!!!

What a good news!! I guess that we will have in next version of mono the full support of .NET framework 2.0 if all MWF bug are solved…

Everaldo have post a good review to see the state of bug tracking in MWF.

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