Lunar eclipse

This is the name of the new xaml designer for moonlight. It will replace the MS Expression Blend for mac and linux where blend does not work…

Congratulation to Alan for this work. Alan is the father of MonoTorrent and have done an amazing job on it.

The application must be improove for user friendly but the engine is here thanks to Alan and it is quite funny ;). I know that the goal is integrate as an addin in monodevelop. So this small appli is just here to show you the core of the designer which will end up in monodevelop.

You can see some video of this tool here, here and here.

And you can follow the evolution of this tool on the SVN:

So, now if you take a look at what have been done for moonlight it is wonderfull. You have so much thing which have been done on it in a really small time!
Here you have the current state of moonlight:

Task Owner Status
Status Pages miguel started
Rendering Engine Design various developers under development
C++ XAML parser Jackson under development
Mozilla Plugin everaldo started
New Security System mark, spouliot under research
Syndication and JSon APIs Olive-list Early implementation on SVN
Hosting APIs, talk to browser toshok under development
Mono new build setup for 2.1 jbevain started, under development
Media Codecs nobody Prototype working, but need a long term solution.
Polygon clipping nobody not started, SL 1.1 does not seem to expose this need.
Exposed DOM interface jackson started
Open Source Javascript compiler Olivier in progress, in Olive module.
Silverlight Unix SDKs jbevain linker and build started, depends on build system  
Testing environments nobody not started, depends on build system

I hope the next release of mono will include a all this new stuff around Moonlight. Hope MS will soon released the silverlight final version to see the end goal and have a real documentation.

(source : Miguel)

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