image resizing

Seam Carving is a new algorithm to resize an image by ading or removing some layer in the image. This algorithme is so powerfull that you can make someone disapear from a photo!!

Here is another image algorithme from microsoft (photosynch) which can take a photo and rebuild a 3d environment.

You have all algorithme which analyse an image to get strange behaviour or character recognition…

A lot of other algorithme use the artificial neural network to have result. This kind of algorithme is based on human system. This system will have 2 states:

  • the first state who learned from reallife result.
  • the second one witch take a decision from what it have learned. In this state it can be wrong. The more you make the system learned in first state, the more you will have good result.

This system can be good to analyse complexe system as meteo, optical character recognition, stock exchange, …

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