dev a game

I have worked a lot in game area of open source software.

And just want to present some little things very interesting :

  • Ogre3d which is a beautiful the best engine (better than a lot of commercial engine) with a lot of support/tool/binding…
  • Axiom3d witch is the port in C# of Ogre3d have rebirth!
  • Irrlicht is a good engine too with binding for Mono/.NET
  • vertexbuffer which is a very good site to optimize your code
  • GameDev is the best site to learned openGL and client side thing for 3d world 😉
  • TaoFramework is a beautiful framework which is a collection of binding for DotNet
  • Mono.XNA is the port of MS.XNA
  • Devmaster is a beautiful site to find the perfect engine for your need.

UPDATE: Axiom have show a benchmark (if someone find the page…) of OGRE VS AXIOM and it show that C# is better in some part. For people who said that C# is slow.

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2 Responses to dev a game

  1. j says:

    What about the Axiom Engine? It’s a direct port of Ogre to C#.

  2. duff says:

    the issue is that leedguitard who have been the founder of this project have stoped to work on it.
    So It become dead during a long period and I think it is totaly dead. But it seems that project have been taken by borrillis and c0d3g33k. And there is a lot of commit now.
    There are 2 dotnet wrapper which are great too.

    I have follow this project and use it with a little start of MMORPG. Axiom3d is really great thanks to have point to me that it is rebirth now.
    I will maybe take my old code and try it again 😉

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