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MONO 1.2.5 released !!!

Mono have just released the 1.2.5. This new version bring a pack of things as usual… Dynamic language runtime (DLR) which is the big part of moonlight. the C# 3.0 features (minus query expression of LINQ): Type inference: the “var” … Continue reading

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managed web browser

A discution have started today about doing a managed web browser. Advantage : Cross plateform browser Can be used in dotnet without wraping a unmanaged class Can be funny 😉 Disadvantage: Reinvent the weel Far from the goal of mono … Continue reading

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image resizing

Seam Carving is a new algorithm to resize an image by ading or removing some layer in the image. This algorithme is so powerfull that you can make someone disapear from a photo!! Here is another image algorithme from microsoft … Continue reading

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vala is a new programming language which bring performance of c++ and user-friendly of the C#. In fact, Vala is very closed to C#in syntax. It contains even the most recent thing of C# as : Lambda expressions Type inference … Continue reading

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dev a game

I have worked a lot in game area of open source software. And just want to present some little things very interesting : Ogre3d which is a beautiful the best engine (better than a lot of commercial engine) with a … Continue reading

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Compiz released!!

Compiz have a lot of activity during summer !! A new release is just out. The 0.5.4 is very important because it is thefirst release with the merge of fork of compize (Beril, compize.Extra) and compize. Now we have a … Continue reading

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Google summer of code

Soc for friend is a beautiful project of Google to help open source software by sponsoring student project for open source world. Mono use SOC for different kind of project. The result is not the same for each project. Sometimes, … Continue reading

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