improove the linux user experience!

I am more and more thinking to ribbons of office which simply adapte is content to the context.

“Adapte content and possibility to context is a great idea” and must not be limited to the ribbon of MS Office.

We can have something really great to improove the user experience by having an intelligent system which bring what we need and we use as usual after using another thing.

It must be something to advice user and say “hey, you want that too?” It is a bit as Amazone done when you have a bag of book and they give advice for other book that people use with it.

MS Windows have ever recent document used at start. But I think to something similar but for application and bar can totaly adapt content to the current context.

I am not a gnome developper but I really think that this idea can help people to have a better user experience.

I will maybe try to talk to miguel about that. Maybe someone have ever think to that.

This idea can be used in all application too. For example, when contact get connected on ICQ/Pidgin ( formely gaim) and we talk to this people each time this contact get online so auto adive to start a tchat with this people.

Some messaging client ever do that. But a lot of other application can used this concept. (audio player can play more what we ever select than what we skip when started automaticly).

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