innovate !!!

It is a core spirit in many area witch bring success to business.

A lot of business is flat and have not a lot of news/change. And when an area is like that it is time for revolution!

You can see a lot of area as music sharing with i-pod or revolution of video game with the wii where we have quite the same game every year and no evolution and revolution come from technical part where nobody innove.

In business of food we have lays which have bring flavoured chips where you have a flat business.

An other example  is Nexus which come from nowhere and add a lot of services to the basic sell of cars.

So, the good area to make business is flat business where no innovation come out. You can go here and totaly change the business. When you see web currently, too much firm and innovation. Meetic have succeed because they launched the firm when nobody want bet on it cause of internet crash of 2005. So , do not bet on internet startup or only to inoovate one!

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