peer 2 peer

Peer to peer is not only Emule and people who get free mp3/divix/Software… Peer to peer is a beautiful idea to avoid the download to a single source.

When you have a single source for download and lot of leecher you will have a real slow download and the file will be difficult to get/spread. With peer to peer more people you have less difficulty you have to download it because all leecher whihc have part of file or event the full file allow other client to download it on them. So peer to peer is just taking the power of community to spread file.

For moment it is used most of time by p2p client as emule but this can be used in a lot of other area. Spread video which is big file is really great and it is what JOOST done. It can even been done to spread music radioblog is finnaly a kind of peer to peer because all music is share between user more than from server. But what is lacking is sharing software and when I talk about that it is not to share software as done on emule but immagine if sourcesafe use a p2p to share software or if all linux package use p2p. It will be really great and quicker for people.

P2p is here to share content but why not use it to share power of calcul of every pc as SETI does.

A lot of pirates have ever take power of community by using network of pirates pc to attack big network.

We have in a other way the peer to peer bank which give possibilitity to give money to someone to sponsort a project and this persone must get back money when project suceed.

p2p is just a technologie. But we must better think to all other things which can be done in same spirit. Take power of community (“together we can do more than alone”).

We have ever all this concept in peer to peer:

  • Software (shareware,linux package, open source,…)
  • Cpu power (for mathematical issue)
  • Space ( on hard drive ) Imagine a site which paid people to share space on hard drive for other people
  • Network (to have a lot of connection)
  • Social (all people can be source of information)
  • Video (professionnal or not)
  • Music
  • photo
  • Ingeneer knowledge
  • graphical picture, effet, font, texture
  • game
  • news
  • bank
  • old goodies (ebay)

My adea is to have all in peer to peer and not share by a centralize server/website/compagnie.

We have ever seen a lot of success in this kind of spirit. So just use this concept to do whatever you want in p2p:

  •  food ( you can cook fo other people)
  • a big question net
  • share object a bit as citizen bay
  • share skills
  • share news
  • money

With only 5 human link you can have all the plannet. You always know someone who know someone who know … who the target. So Imagine you know 150 peers… All this peer will cal other peer. But to have the best net we must avoid to have same peer of direct peer. So good algoritme must be done to get list of peers and remove other peers to make the search reall quick.

Imagine a rich client which will search from p2p data more than internet. Every people become a key! And this can be used in small area ( friends, office, people of same place…) .

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