Duff show

ammmmaaaazing night !!!


Yesterday night, I have meet Miguel De Icaza which come to Paris for presentation of Moonlight.

It is a real pleasure to meet him and his friend (gui from Novell) . And I have meet Fabrice Bellard who the guy who wrote tcc, a tiny compiler of c, qemu, a kind of VM tool, and the beautiful librairie FFMPEG.

And we have another guy named gui Lunardi from novell who are briant too. So, I am really a young dev between all this genius.

All this people are really funny and have talked about a lot of things. So when I talk to them, me, a little developer, I discover a lot of things on developpment. Fabrice code quite all in C because it is low level and make more thing possible. With all this yea of coding, he know wich assembly will be generate by C instruction.

We talk about suse, ffmpeg and use of it in silverlight, license issue, qemu, and many more things… The most interesting thing is Moonlight of course.

Miguel and his team have done a miracle but it can be ship in this state because of legal issue, security,missing features… but the demo is ever really amazing!

If you have see Microsoft surface addvertising. You must see the demo of moonlight because we exactely the same effect. I think microsoft must use silverlight for microsoft surface.

Moonlight use FFMPEG for moment. Miguel do not want to use Gstreamer because it is so big to be package in a small plugin as moonlight must be. So they look for solution. I am pretty sure they will found a solution quickly!

We have take a dinner in a small restaurant which is delicious!watch the photos its talk itselves: