visual sourcesafe

Currently, I am working in a big firm which have a contract with Microsoft to use the MS product. So for versionning, we use Visual SourceSafe ( Team System is too expenssive)

To sum up:

  • I always loose the link to the server and it do not want to link it again at the same place.
  • Sometimes, it does not commit/update successfully but it never warn about it so I have to check manually everytime if my file is sync with server.
  • It is really slow
  • we have no branching features
  • it is only on windows
  • it allow certificate ( ssh)

The list is long but just to make a little feedback, never used it in any project seems to be the best option ^^.

I have worked a lot as admin or user on CVS or SVN. I have never get in trouble with them. We have all features with both. All is atomique (a file is never copy partialy).

I am fed up this tool and all his trouble. I will maybe hide a real versionning system on my laptop or something like this. I have loose enough of time with it.

Edit: YEEPEEKY, I have found how solve to have solution with multi project in VS without issu. Just do it project by project and not link solution. Whe nyou do it with soluetion with a proejct with a rich client and a web client all bug everytime…

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