some strange theorie…

Today, I will talk about some strange theorie I hear… I only put here what is good and not just funny. Because some principale seems funny at start but is indeed very good.

First one is the peter principale which said that “In a hierarchy every employee tends to rise to his level of incompetence.” . Strange, isn’t it?

In fact, it mean that when you work in an office and you are good at your job you are promoted to new job. And you found a job not done for you, you are not promote and stay at this job.

Wikipedia talk about that and give example which show how stupid is this principale. According to m, it is not so stupid. And we see that with people technicaly very good who are promoted to manager job where they are not good!

Manager technical part and manager budget, bill, people is totaly different…

Second one is about todo list and time management, The basic principe is only do important things and for it you have a list of strange key. I have add some opther things I have found, day by day in my life:

  • Do not keep schedule ( because you can have other meeting point at last moment which can be more important that the one schedule) .When someone ask for a meeting say “let’s do it now” or I do not keep schedul but you can call me the say to meeting to see if I am free. It can be not always do for some job but not that bad indeed.
  • 3 lists to manage : TODO list to show what we have to do in next day, watch list to show what we must monitor , later list to show what you will do when you have
  • Do email only twice a day but make your box empty. order it by sender better than by subject. Do action for each emai ( archive or reply even to said I have no timle sorry…) Because you will have treat the issue and never have a new mail for nothing. Turn off notification and close your mailbox. When youcome back from hollyday just delete all your mailbox if it is important, people will call you back. Create a folder TODO where you put every mail for action in temporary subfolder for each project. Aside from those temporary Action subfolders, only keep three standing email folders: Pending, Review, and Vault.
  • strategic icompetence: The best way to to make sure that you are never asked to do something again is to royally screw it up the first time you are asked to do it.
  • Do not answer to phone: Just hear your voicemail twice a day and anwser to everybody. Only one perosonnal phone by day (anwser only to the first one!)
  • This one is terifik, always wear a headphones which is link to a I-POD. People will not interupt you because they think you are on phone…

To sum up, the idea is

  • to remove all thing which can interrupt you ( people, mail, phone…) and do it twice a day.
  • remove less important/interesting things to only work on interesting/important one

This is strange and can not been done in every job/life but interesting to think that there is not only one structured way.

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