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I see a post on Fred blog about comment on blog and I want to add something on that.

Blog comments is a bit like a forum with post just order by date.

First, why class it by time order and not revers time order. To have the most recent comment just behind the blog post.

Second, On big blog you have a lot of comment, and it take very long time to read all. A big part is spam or troll comment or even not interested comment. So best is make the great comment hightlight and less interesting comment lowlight 😉 …

For that, we have some options:

  • put a rank like digglike system to rank all commen. Some blog have ever this system. And it is done like rank= number of plus vote – number of minus vote. The issue is that when you are not agree with a comment even if it is interesting you will vote agains the comment. It appear a lot on politics blog where democrate post rank will be increase by democrate and dicrease by republican and reverse….
  • A rank with star, 5 stars good and 0 star bad and we do the middle of notes.
  • Let only positive vote and add a button to warn administrator that it can be spam or do not respect nethic rules.
  • Let only positive note and add a validation for comment. A bit to time eating for administrator and do not respect freedom of comment

There are a lot of others options but that show that it is not so simple to do… Best, for me is done a system like google : a google rank which can be calculated with time of comment and rank of community. I prefer to remove minus and only let the positive vote. The other issue is to select how show the result of this rank and here too we have a lot of option:

  • Transparence system: made comment get more transparent when rank go down and more visible when rank go up.
  • Background color system: made baground color comment more flashy when rank go up and more pastel when go down (white at end). So we will have a gradient of color amond comments.
  • Reorder system: just sort the comments in order of rank.
  • Partial coments view system : hide behind a little “+” at end bad comments and when user click on plus it make its appear. it can even be a sort of treeview were we can go deeper if we want…
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  1. dik says:

    very helpful, thanks!a

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